You should still softmaxx as much as you can before geomaxxing


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Aug 24, 2022
If you don't yeah you will still do decently in places like SEA if you're decent height+average looking but don't even think of going to places like East asia if you aren't lean, even if you're tall. It is looked down upon to be fat/bloated over there which is why you have kpop stars that are like 190cm tall but weigh 65kg
Fr dude kpop is getting more traction and even sea filipinas are into it (loteraly all teenage filipinos are kpopmaxxing with skin lightening filters and gay ass haircuts)

Even one of my filipina princesses is taking about kpop lol
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I ghosted her bc she wont send me any more pics over for her but yeah dude kpop is gaining so much traction there. What these filipinas dont know is tjgat the avg korean does not look REMOTELY close to those kfag chads. The avg korean is a 5'8 glasses wearing faggot that i will personally send my philippine mafia after if i see any of them in my city soon 😈😈😈😈

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