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  • Do not post private PMs & information of other users.
  • Do not dox or threaten to dox other people.
  • Do not post pictures or videos of other users without their permission.
  • Do not mass-tag users, or post spam, racebait, advertise (without permission), low effort content, gay/trans content.
  • Do not necropost unless you have a good reason to do so. Quoting an old posts in new thread is allowed.
  • Do not harass, troll, or persecute other users.
  • Do not post illegal content or incite anyone to commit illegal acts of any kind.
  • Use a [NSFW] and spoiler tags whenever needed. Don't post things such as gore or pornography in random threads.
  • You can only have one account.
  • Account sharing is not allowed.
  • Discussions around the facilitation of "jailbait", "hebephilia" or "paedophilia" is prohibited and may result in your IP being reported to the authorities depending on the severity of content posted.
  • Use the report function to request posts you want to be deleted.
If you are interested in advertising on this site please contact one of the admins to understand how's advertising strategy works.

Rules for banned users

All users have:
  • Two assured unbans per year for requested bans. They reset to two at the start of the year (Jan 1st), regardless of whether you use them or not. They do not stack.
  • One unban chance for non-requested bans. The unban might or might not be accepted, depending on your appeal and the offense that permabanned you. If you use this chance and then get permabanned again, you might or might not be allowed to appeal again; ask a mod.
  • One extraordinary unban chance, to be used at least six months after an appeal of yours is denied. If your offense was severe (e.g., heavy trolling), you might not be given this chance. It never replenishes, you only get one.
Ban appeals are only for permanent bans, NOT temporary bans.

If you are temporarily banned you can respond to the warning PM that triggered it to discuss it with the mod.

To appeal a permaban:
  1. Mention the mod who banned you.
  2. Justify, not complain why you feel your ban was unfair.
Take into account:
  • There is no set time on how long it will take to answer your appeal, but usually it is less than 24hs.
  • This is not a place to rant. If you do so your appeal will be automatically rejected.
  • Don't post in other people's appeals.
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