Advice Would EE be easier than LATAM for a 6'2 Eurasian guy to get a White MTB-HTB? My thoughts.


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My stats are:
4.5 PSL (Been rated above average MTN with potential to ascend to 5-6 PSL depending on how my face develops in the next 5 years and when I lose buccal fat).
165 lbs
18 in bideltoid
6.5" wrist (over i know)
6.7" dick (slight downward curve to the left)

Assuming these stats stay the same by the time I turn 18 what place would be easier to bag a white foid?

I think EE might actually be easier due to the fact that men are uglier than the foids. Now obviously places like Colombia or Mexico would be pretty easy to pick up girls but in terms of getting a full 100% white girl not some mestizo mutt I think it would be much more difficult. Places like Colombia and Mexico have a smaller true white population so these women get a huge smv boost and are harder to get. Meanwhile mostly white country like argentina also have mogger white men which means you have harder competition in both situations.