Recommendation We need a megathread for how to set up a social life/network asap when in a new country/city.


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As we all know here (except for a few retard deniers), NT is one of the most important things in not just slaying women or finding potential ltrs through social circles, but also in having good mental health and living a happy life in general.

Since the majority of us are not 6'6 38" bideltoided white chads we can't afford to not be NT. Especially when we arrive in our geomax country of choice where we have to start from 0 as we neither have an existing support group nor do we have family to back us up. The majority of users here are also not collegemaxxing in their country nor are they working there which makes it even harder to meet new people long term.

Of course in Asia it's a different story since if you're white you can be the 'cool foreigner' of the friend group but what about to other places like EE and LatAM where without a friend group you're stuck fucking whores on tinder?