Story My irl friend who is 6' and white..


Sep 17, 2022
A Koncrete Jungle
This summer me and him knew and each other and after playing a basketball match with him and other normies and tallfags, he mentioned among his cousins he was some of the shortest among them, keep in mind he was a couple years younger than me.

At the moment there were two serb framemoggers who were 6'2-3 and 6'5 plus. Serbs are legit 6'2 or plus on average for zoomer males catching behind Dutch native males.

Even if I got the bball shoes to 6'2 or even 3 I would still get mogged although I would have much higher survival rate. It is nothing in 2022.
God damn it bro. Its so over im literally 5'6 in Canada. How can i expect to ever be taken seriously or have a gf realistically if these niggas are living here in high supply. Not even human i cant believe im the same species as u guys

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