Recommendation I'm a failed-normie public school teacher on the verge of roping. Should I do TEFL?


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I'm currently working on that. Honestly, a big reason I want to go to Thailand is that I currently have enough saved to last about 6 months there. I'd like to spend that time working out and cutting weight. After that, I think I'll be able to make a much clearer decision about my career and life goals.
It'll be harder to cut when you're surrounded by tons of yuumy street food just a heads up. And while sure it might be healthier asian food still has tons of salt and msg and other bad shit in their food
Pero en serio, porque quieres ir a tailandia en vez de ir al latam? Estoy convencido de que seria mas facil geomaxxear ahi cuando ya conoces la cultura y sabes el idioma.
Es verdad eso pero también siempre he querido ir a Asia (era bien weeb cuando estaba chiquito). Además, la industria TEFL está mucho más fuerte en Tailandia. Conozco a maestros de inglés en México que ni ganan suificiente pa vivir mientras en Tailandia (y otras partes de Asia) te pagan bien. Te cobras un buen estándar de vida. SI quisiera ir a América Latina tendría que encontrarme un trabajo en una escuela internacional pero no hay tantas y para las escuelas de allá es mucho más difícil contratar a profes del extranjero. Por un lado sé que tienes razón pero por otro lado quiero tener una aventura y conocer una parte del mundo que siempre me ha interesado.
You want to go to Vietnam for the TEFLing. It's the highest paid market outside of China, of which the TEFL industry has basically imploded, and since you have an actual degree, and a degree in education at that, you should be able to land a very good job with benefits at a prestigious institution instead of the shitty merry go round language centers and public schools.

Normally I try to steer young guys away from TEFLing because it is an awful waste of your life and its not actually a real industry and the jobs arent real either, but in your case you are an *actual* teacher, and stand to be able to make a decent living and build a life overseas if you so choose. That being said, some of the same advice applies: try to build a secondary skill before you go. Marketing, programming - something, in case the industry collapses, or you get sick of teaching.

Yes Thailand has awesome whoremongering, but the TEFL scene is abusive precisely because every phaggot on the planet wants to be there and fund the beer and ladyboys lifestyle. The thais are well aware and know there is no shortage of white man anytime soon, so they will treat you accordingly. OTOH: again, you having an actual education degree changes the landscape considerably. Most people in TEFL are either high school dropouts or they have some irrelevant mickey mouse degree like marketing or gender studies. I can't speak to what the job opportunities look like for serious teachers in Thailand.