Advice Can a htn SEA hypothetically go to japan despite statusmin? (Stereotype that were a bunch of maids/construction worker slaves)


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Title. I think i can reach htn by EA standards if i go full out like skin lightening, LL to 5'11 from 5'6, kpop - i mean fkag haircut and i will get custom wraparounds, brow lifts (for hunter eyes bc my medial canthus is ok.), rhino plasty and be shredded.

Is that possible despite being a SEA nigger? I dont have to k fag maxx i can just go maesthetic by getting all these fillersbut i wont be excessive and end up like my boy curlyhead who got roped into psl too young.

Me w hair filter and vintage maxx autism pic. I will get brow lift and minox so my eyes are hunter and very close to eyes and i will get rhino, skin lightening etc and be 5'11 and fraud 6'1 w lifts

Edit: nevermind i dont think i can reach htn with surgeries even LL

Can a mtn SEAnigger by psl standards go to east asia despite being seen as a slave?
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