Pros and Cons of me Staying in UK as a Turbomanlet, or Geomaxxing. Idk which one to pick


6ft4. geomaxxed. moneymaxxed. catmaxxed.get mogged
Sep 1, 2022
I dont know whether to take the landwhale pill like my dad and stay in UK as a turbomanlet and suffer.

Or to try get online work so I can geomaxx to live in SEA and have a life there.

If I stay in UK as a turbomanlet:
- easier to get work and earn more money(for what tho?all i need is food and shelter and a gf)
- extremely harder dating
- can only get a landwhale gf probably and even thats hard cos theyre all taller than me
- have to get heightmogged everywhere i go
- extremely low status due to my height so hard to make friends
- if i have a son he will suffer like me
- my skin colour has no worth here
- better quality of life and social protection in UK
- dont even like british girls faces or skin colour or height. theyre to masc for me, i prefer darker girls, and most are taller than me, and there fat

If I geomaxx to SEA:
- hard to get online work
- easy dating
- can get a slim gf
- my skin colour has worth here
- wont get heightmogged as much. ill be average. or average if i wear lifts
- high status and treated better due to being white so maybe could make friends with other expats
- if i have a son he will be high SMV as hapa's are the highest smv there
- maybe lower quality of life and social protection. but maybe still a good quality of life if i have money and live in a 1st world SEA city like Bangkok
- i prefer thai girls. i like their asian alien faces, nice lips, more feminine, ideal tanned skin colour, are tiny, slim, petite

i had a thai hooker last night in uk and she let me go raw. i think its the hottest girl, most my type, and best sex i ever had. she was like 24, the first girl i ever fucked which was actually short and petite and made me feel like a man. she was like 5ft. very slim, very petite. light/medium brown. cute asian alien face, cute high pitch voice. felt very passionate gf experience.

which one do u think i should do? im stuck..
i can get you a remote job easy and you can geomax to sea in a matter of a month probably