Ukrainian girl brutally rejecting guys


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Mar 23, 2023
Any guy who has the illusion that Ukrainian/Russian women are somehow nicer and more "pure" than western women needs to wake up, smartphones and social media are everywhere and hypergamy is rampant even in Eastern Europe.

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A lot of them would have grown up without bathrooms torturing animals and starring in child porn and stuff
Nah tbh those women are well in their 30-40s since they grew up during the 90s, these ones look like they were born in the mid 90s early 2000s when the country was already stable and as a result don't remember any of the hardships people had to go through which is why they're so fucking unbearable and spoiled.
Step 1-
Drive a taxi
Crash into her car
Offer to be her driver

Step 2-
Take her to the airport
Sell her off to slavery

Step 3-
She is now a sex-slave
Put wasps on her clitoris
Keep a vibrator on her clitoris for 2 hours
Anally fuck her
Make her engage in bestiality
Make her life miserable

Step 4-

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