Latest 2022 race statistics show black women would rather date Asian, Latino and white men more than black men

Ppl finally realising that BWC is more real than BBC Jewish trickery and black women wanna get BLEACHED by superior white men for a mogger mulatto like mr Alex b
bbc isn't some jewish trickery lol, the stereotype existed since slavery

it existed since it felt like it was a "taboo", hence BBC was like a hidden luxury for wyt wmmn in a extremely racist world

Now since its become acceptable to date black guys, white women judge them objectively like all other men, hence, their SMV has gone down. They can't just be BBC thugmaxx anymore, now they need aesthetics too

thats why i have run tyronefishes who still do well on tinder in both asia/eu/na

also only reason white men are starting to date black women is since inceldom is at all time high and men will take whatever they can get in 2022 due to hypergamy

found a good .org thread on this