Recommendation JFL is there really a European Version of Thailand? Eurocels GTFIH


Gymcel coper
Aug 16, 2022
Apparently the Bulgaria is as cheap as Thailand and has all the same shit with beach resort towns on the coast filled with whores.

- You can get a luxury apartment for a couple hundred dollars a month.
- Taxes are the lowest in the EU for foreigners/foreign income
- Cheap groceries
- Cheap utilities (until recently, electricity is currently high due to the war)
- Cheap rent
- Shortest men in Europe
- High English fluency
- The whores mog SEA
- If you want you can buy a virgin

- Competing with white dudes
- Looks lame compared to Thailand or even other places in Europe
- Corrupt government so have to bribe police $20 to fuck off when they stop you
- Restaurants and service are mediocre
- There's probably an ethnic tax. African geomaxxer goes there to fish for "I want BBC" and the girls all go "yeah I want a tall blonde guy" or basically say white-only
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