Google Shows Statistical Data That Kpop Kdrama Does Not Improve Korean Male SMV. It Is In Fact Getting Lower


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Sep 1, 2022
First of all, no one in the world gives a shit about kpop kdrama statistically

Data taken from Google searches for Kdrama:
apart from 1-2 south east asian countries philippines and korea itself.

- theres not even enough data to show the interest in western countries cos of how little searches it has

Data taken from Google about searches for "Korean boyfriend" and "English boyfriend" in SEA:


(reminder this is just english boyfriend. I didn't even include white boyfriend, american boyfriend, german boyfriend etc which would've been 100x more brutal)
searches for english men and english boyfriend has increased over the last 5 years, getting exponentially higher

searches for korean men and korean boyfriend has DECREASED over the last 5 years, getting exponentially LOWER

English boyfriend is searched 6x more than Korean boyfriend

Which ironically correlates to one of my previous thread's where I statistically proved White male smv is 6x higher than Korean male SMV via dating statistics in America and Korea


Google Data Showing the Increase in popularity for Kdramas and stagnation/decrease of the popularity of korean boyfriend or korean men:

kdrama kpop popularity has stayed the same the last 5 years

Korean men and korean boyfriend was actually searched way more before kpop kdrama was around,

and since kdrama kpop has become popular, searches for korean men and korean boyfriend has actually decreased

Basically proving statistically that Kpop Kdrama has not increased SMV of Korean men.

Data from Google about the popularity of people learning Korean language over the last 5 years:

If they really wanted Korean boyfriends and go to to korea, they'd learn korean

"learn korean" on google, is just as popular as it was 5 years ago

before kpop shit went mainstream

and specifically in Philippines, the only country that shows any minor interest for their entertainment industry.

Women are searching "learn korean" exponentially less , the more kpop kdrama grows

Conclusion: Korean men are still genetically subhuman and despite kpop kdramas popularity, searches for korean men and korean boyfriend is actually decreasing, and searches for english men and english boyfriend is exponentially increasing in SEA

Kdrama Kpop has statistically NOT increased the popularity of Korean men. And statistics show there has been an decrease in interest for Korean men and korean boyfriend over the last 5 years

White men are 6x more popular in SEA than Korean men . Searches for white men is actually exponentially increasing. And searches for Korean men is actually exponentially decreasing.
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Google trends coping overdose. Zoomer girls are searching this stuff on tiktok and YouTube. What kind of an oldcel would use Google search to randomly search korean boyfriend? Out of touch

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