‘Whoever said the language of love is universal never lived in Germany’: British singles on the awkward truth about dating abroad

Hard Boiled

Seagull Seancer
Jul 31, 2022

I thought these parts of the article where funny. RIP for people in France tho.
When I was new to New York, an American woman overheard me in a deli asking for a blueberry “bun” rather than muffin. We chatted and she gave me her number. I lost it, but for the first time in my life I felt exotic.
In New York City I have often seen the blandest, dreariest, most potato-like English men elevated to stud status (it’s English people – typical – who benefit more than the Scottish, Welsh or Northern Irish). And they know it, too; there’s a type of English man who has carved out a space for himself as being, well, English.

‘You’re being too British,’ my friend says. ‘If you want to have sex with them, just tell them’​


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