Advice Where Da Whyte Wimmen At?

Tai Bwo Wannai

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Sep 3, 2022
What do you guys think is the easiest place to pick up friendly white girls for hookups or a relationship for an average guy?

I've narrowed my list to the following -

1. Poland
2. Ukraine (Lviv, western UA)
3. Belarus
4. Canada
5. Siberia (Kazan, Volgograd, Omsk, etc.)
6. Baltics

What apps are the best? What cities do you recommend? Seems Europe isn't really popular on this forum for obvious reasons but has the hottest girls undoubtedly. Does anyone have any advice?


Sep 18, 2023
Poland is undoubtedly the best with the war going. However, like everyone who usually geomax to EE are all here. All the people that would otherwise be in Ukraine, Belarus, Russia are all in Poland which makes the competition here quite least in Warsaw. If you are an average guy, it ain't the end of the world but be prepared to work your tail off especially in the big popular I'm talking talking to 20 women a day via daygame/nightgame etc. Also, don't expect to pull hotties as an average guy here. Best of luck.


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May 4, 2023
if you arent dark skinned, dark haired with dark eyes dont ever come to ukraine poland belarus russia
theyre all into one pheno and are too dumb to distunguish between italians and pajeets so if youre from dharavi and look masculine youll have a lot of girls here