we need to make this forum more popular


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Dec 31, 2022
lets add a few more sections and bring in some more people. how long have you guys been on incel type forums? any other wizards here? what about escortcels? ive had sex but it was always with prostitutes and i only have sex with prostitutes unprotected. i also only visit asian prostitutes because every other race sucks. i will seamax some time this decade and leave the united states permanently if i end up liking it there.
I don't think the source is usually included on IncelTears tbh.

Maybe someone should make some advertisment on 4chan /travel (which is mostly about sex tourism anyways)
You should just recruit people making sensible posts on Reddit/Discord/YouTube/Tiktok/Instagram etc, then slowly getting in to the more "radical" and "schizo" stuff and there you just popularized your forum. But i'm not gonna put in all the efoort, i have better things to do.

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