10 Years of Unprotected Sex With Korean Prostitutes


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Dec 31, 2022
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r/korea - 10 Years of Unprotected Sex With Korean Prostitutes

This post is to reveal an underbelly that exists in Korean culture in Korea, America, Japan, and Australia. These are my personal accounts. As long as I remember, I've always been addicted to pornography. When I discovered the Internet, I would look for all the Japanese porn I could find. As a Korean, I would have preferred Korean porn, but back then, there was none. Even now, I only know of Korea1818 (http://www.korea1818.com). So I always watched the likes of Akira Fubuki and Naomi Yamaguchi and jacked off multiple times a day.
Then one day, I don't even remember how, but I found an article in a popular magazine about a web-site that was making waves. The web-site (http://www.theeroticreview.com) was a database of reviews for escorts. I didn't even know what escorts were until this article and my mind was blown. I had thought the only type of prostitution was that with dingy streetwalkers that you see in the movies. Well, amazingly enough, there was even a Korean escort agency. I decided to take the plunge. To top it off, I was a virgin.
My First Escort
I honestly had no idea what to expect. But as I parked my car and walked to the apartment building, my heart was beating so fast and I swore everyone was watching me. The guy walking his dog, the woman taking a smoke break, people driving by, I swore everyone knew what I was there for. I finally made it to the apartment and the door opened. I entered, and a Korean girl with a deep tan and light brown hair was waiting behind the door dressed in lingerie and heels. Awesome body, pretty face, huge tits. Instant boner. She helped me take off my clothes, showered me down, and took me into the bedroom. After a short massage, she put a condom on my dick, sucked on it and then got on top. I came in less than 10 seconds. The girl was very sweet and we talked some and I fell in love, not with a stripper, but a hooker. I would never see her again as the police busted this place a few days later.
Upon reading reviews, I discovered there were girls that would actually give you a blowjob without the condom. This was called the Bareback Blowjob (BBBJ). I went to a Korean escort agency that had many girls reviewed that provided this service. They had a new girl with no reviews, and she was also tan, light brown hair, and big tits. When I tried to ask her about giving me a blowjob without a condom, she was not having it. I thought seeing her a second time would help. No dice.
Suddenly, there was a new girl being advertised as GFE. I found that GFE stood for Girlfriend Experience and that usually meant BBBJ was provided. I went to see this girl, and yes, she gave me a BBBJ. This girl was black-haired and pale-skinned, and I did not initially find her that attractive. However, she was very sweet and I began to see her on a weekly basis. Eventually we exchanged numbers.
Sex Slaves?
I couldn't help but feel guilty. I wondered what the story was behind these girls. If they were in debt, if they were being forced to have sex. But I still liked fucking them, and I could not be bothered enough to stop. Then something big happened. The federal authorities shut down a huge trafficking ring along the entire coast consisting of Korean taxis, owners of Korean escort agencies, owners of Korean massage parlors, and the girls themselves. This was huge news and there were stories about how it was all forced sex labor. I called the BBBJ girl. Thank goodness, she was not caught in the mess. We went out to dinner that day. I asked her if girls were really being forced to prostitute themselves. Her reply was, "That's all bullshit. They all choose to do it."
Korean Massage Parlors
When the news came of the huge bust, this was the first time I had heard of massage parlors. I did more research and found that unlike the escort agencies which operated out of apartments or hotels with a very limited number of girls, some massage parlors would present lineups of up to 10 Korean girls. Now I knew I had to go to one. One by one, months after the huge bust, massage parlors started to pop back up and I went to visit one. Then another. Then another. Pretty soon, I had to fuck every girl in every massage parlor because I needed to know what every girl felt like. Sometimes the girls were very hot. Sometimes they weren't. But none provided BBBJ. Until...
BBBJ at the Massage Parlor
By now, I had discovered there were multiple sites dedicated to the sharing of information about fucking these girls. And that's when I saw something that made my eyes widen. There was a girl that provided BBBJ. I instantly went to my car and proceeded to said massage parlor. This was a relatively smaller one, and I was presented a lineup of three girls. The girl I wanted was not the hottest, a little older, but still attractive. I chose her, because I wanted the BBBJ. Eventually, while fucking her, I asked if I could cum in her mouth. She obliged. It was hot. It was so hot I had to see her again. And again. The third time, she gave me her phone number, and it turned out she lived locally. We would eventually meet outside, and she would invite me to hang out with her at her apartment. I was too innocent to try any moves on her, and I was essentially her boy toy and essentially moved out of my parents' house to live with her. I will refer to her as Sugar Mama.
Introduction to BBFS
By this time, my addiction knew no bounds. When I wasn't with Sugar Mama, I continued to visit different massage parlors and escort agencies and met three additional girls.
Girl 1 was a massage parlor worker. Petite, long black hair, and sweet. I fucked her, she was open to kissing, so I kept seeing her. The third time, while I was fucking her, she pulled my dick out of her and said "cum on my belly". I didn't know what she meant, but suddenly, she took off the condom and put me back in her. WHOA. This was a completely different feeling. I couldn't take more than 10 seconds and came on her stomach. Next time I came looking for her, she was not working there anymore.
Girl 2 was a massage parlor worker and I was a regular of hers, exchanging phone numbers. One day, I found out that the massage parlor was busted. I called her, and surprisingly she picked up. She said she had posted bail. I asked if she wanted to meet up. She said sure, she was staying with a local friend. I met up with her and she was drunk. I just took her to a motel. I didn't know how to make the move, so after falling asleep and waking up, I moved her hand to my dick. Surprisingly, she started stroking it. I decided this was the sign I needed. She asked me about a condom. I replied sheepishly, "It's OK?" She just laughed, and I stuck my dick in her. This was an amazing feeling, even different from Girl 1. This girl was legitimately wet, and feeling a slopping wet pussy was one of the best feelings I ever had. I fucked her and came on her stomach. After that night, she never picked up my phone calls and I never saw her again.
Girl 3 was a younger Korean girl. Most of these massage parlors, they didn't look "normal". Meaning, they had hair extensions, big tits, or deep tans that just were not typical of older Korean women. However, the girl was 23 and looked completely normal. I met her at an escort agency. We became friends, and began going on "dates" an sleeping at hotels. I also was able to become more aggressive and make the first move, and I fucked her without condom. When I fucked her, though, I came inside her pussy. Multiple times. She was also a wet pussy, and it was great. She eventually went back to the city she lived. We would keep in touch by phone but the distance was too much and eventually we lost contact.
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Sex With Sugar Mama
Now that I was a little more experienced, and all three of the girls that I had been fucking on a regular basis were gone, I needed a release. The next time I was with Sugar Mama, I decided to have sex with her. "You know things will be different if we have sex," she said. I didn't care. I stuck my dick in her without a condom, but this took a lot of work as she did not get wet. However, this led to one of the most fucked up periods of my life. Sugar Mama became very possessive of me while I continued to go my ways of trying to fuck every girl at every massage parlor. But she also provided the best sex I ever had. The vaginal sex was never wet, but Sugar Mama was a freak. Taking facials, eating my cum, licking my asshole, letting me cum inside her, giving awesome blowjobs, and... She let me fuck her up the ass. Multiple times. She even allowed me to videotape some of our fuck sessions. Too bad that hard drive got fried because I wish I could watch those videos again. Sugar Mama also paid for pretty much everything and bought me all sorts of luxury goods. We had a tumultuous relationship for two years until one day... She had always told me about a younger co-worker that she was very close with. She said her younger co-worker was very pretty and such. Well, I figured out a way to see this younger co-worker and fuck her. The younger co-worker gave me her phone number and we went on a date. Sugar Mama found out, went completely berserk and took a plane clear across the country to start a new life. She left me a goodbye note with $2000.
Paying for BBFS
In case you haven't guessed it, BBFS stands for Bareback Full Service. Unprotected sex. In the span of two days, I went to two massage parlors. The first massage parlor, the girl left the room briefly to do whatever she had to do when my phone rang and I took the call. She came back in just as I was hanging up and she instantly got scared. She asked me if I was a cop. I said I was not, and she seemed nervous, but we proceeded to fuck. She eventually said, "I'm not getting wet... Hurry up." She then proceeded to take my dick out of her, took off the condom, and put my dick back inside her. Nice. I gave her an extra $100 as a tip and she seemed happy with it. Now I was addicted to BBFS. The next day I went to another massage parlor and fucked a girl. I asked her to have sex without a condom. She declined. I continued to ask while fucking her. She continued to decline but gave in when I promised I would cum fast and give her an extra $100. Now I knew that there is always a price. However, the price would never be as cheap as $100 again. Some girls would never give in, but then again, I never offered much. But I also knew by now, if I could somehow convince a girl to meet me outside the workplace for a date, I had a good chance of taking them back to a hotel where they would let me fuck them without a condom. I fucked several girls this way and came in all of their pussies.
Adventures in Korea Continued in Comments
Korea - Introduction
I kept reading about room salons. About how they have the hottest girls and they would fuck for money. I also read about red light districts where girls hung around behind glass windows. Amateur Korean porn was starting to trickle into existence now, and there were some that were spy cams of Korean girls at room salons or red light districts. I had never been to Korea before, but.... One day... I did it. I booked a trip to Seoul.
Korea - Anmas
I did a lot of research about what was available in Korea. So I initially made way to Gangnam. I got in a taxi and asked him to take me into an anma. He looked at me like I was an idiot and told me I could just walk to one. I just told him to take me to any one. He drove me a few blocks, and along the way, I asked about room salons. He told me not to go to room salons by myself. I went into the anma and wow. This was completely different from massage parlors in America. In America, the massage parlors were usually nothing special in terms of physical appearance and discreet. Here, the anma was multiple stories, tons of people were streaming in and out, and there were neon lights. I chose the course of two girls for approximately $200. The madam asked me what kind of girls I wanted. I asked for one sexy, one cute. What she actually gave me was one tall girl and one short girl for 30 minutes each. These anmas were multiple stories of rooms, and each room was for one girl. In this room was a bed and a table shower area. Both girls were not as attractive as I had hoped, but both licked my asshole clean, sucked my dick without a condom, but required a condom for sex. I was disappointed. Anmas were not my thing, I found out, as I could never find the bombshells that even matched up to the workers in America. They might have been younger on average, but that was it.
Korea - Tabang
I made a trip to a satellite city a few hours away from Seoul and booked a motel. In the motel is a tissue box covered in advertisements, mostly for tabang (coffee) services. I called one and asked for a girl to come over. An attractive, younger girl arrived. Details were that the coffee was $10, the sex was $150. I paid up. She asked if I wanted to use a condom. I said no. Success. I came inside her pussy. I continued to see at least two tabang girls a day. All were attractive enough, two were definite bombshells that I would've seen regularly back in America. All were younger than what you would expect back in America. Most girls asked if I wanted a condom, and if I said no, they let me cum in their pussy. One required convincing. Two said that I had to use a condom, but relented once we started fucking and they realized I was not going to cum anytime soon. One never relented.
Korea - Red Light Districts
Now it was time to check out these famed red light districts. And boy, were these amazing. Walking by glass windows full of girls calling out for you to come by. And I actually had the ability to pick the girl I wanted based on appearance. The first girl I chose told me it was $70 for 15 minutes. I stepped in, and she took me to her room. Unfortunately, the sex was with a condom. Bummer. Next time, I used a strategy that I had seen in one of the hidden camera Korean porn videos. Ask about the condom first. The next girl I found attractive, I asked if we could have sex without a condom. She seemed embarrassed as the girls next to her heard me, but she just told me to come in. I fucked her without a condom and came in her pussy for $70. From then on, I continued to visit the red light districts regularly and would fuck two to three girls at a time.
Korea - Full Salons in Gangnam
Despite the taxi driver telling me not to go to a room salon by myself, I decided I needed to try a full salon. These are places that have a set system in place. $400 got you: 1. A room with karaoke and whiskey. 2. A dance from the girl you chose and a blowjob. 3. 1 hour to do hang out her in the karaoke room. 4. Another dance and blowjob. 5. Finally sex in a motel room upstairs. I went to three in Gangnam and all three provided full lineups. And these were definitely the hottest girls I had seen. It was fun, the only issue is that sex always required a condom.
Korea - Room Salons in Seoul
So now that I knew what a full salon was like, what about a room salon? I went to multiple. I didn't go to a 10% one, but ones that were considered "club" level. I dropped $300-400 at each. Turns out, the girls are not as hot as the ones in the full salons. I suspect this is due to the full salon girls making more money and having more plastic surgery. At one salon, the host told me that the girls were available for "after service". I picked the hottest one and she declined. WTF! A second salon, I got so drunk, but the host drove me somewhere to some brothel that was operating out of an apartment. Fucked a couple busted girls there without a condom and dropped an unreasonable amount of money because I was drunk. Third salon, I got too drunk to even try to get sex. In the end, I decided room salons in Seoul were worthless.
Korea - Room Salons Outside Seoul
I went to a city a few hours outside of Seoul and went to a few room salons there. Here the host assured me sex was available after. One cost me $200. Bunch of country girls, many were ugly, but one was fairly attractive. We did a lot of raunchy things inside the karaoke room, but eventually got to fuck her upstairs without a condom.
I went to a second one, and this time the price was $500. I decided what the fuck, I'd try it. No lineup, but the host sent in a very beautiful Korean girl. Eventually went upstairs, and saw that she had a C-section. Turned out she barely had any tits too. I guess this is how she was supporting herself. I fucked her without condom.
Now that I was back in America, I decided to check out the room salons in America. Girls were generally more attractive than the room salon girls in Seoul, but much older, some in their 40s. I never tried to "pay for sex" but was able to date a couple of them which of course led to unprotected sex.
By now, massage parlors in America have pretty much become a relic. Most Korean girls work at escort agencies that range from $220 to $400 an hour and pretty much all will give you a blowjob without condom and let you cum in their mouth. I am making significantly more income now, so I sometimes offer up to a $1000 for sex without a condom, with about a 60% success rate. I enjoy trying to date these girls as well, as this usually leads to wild drunken nights and unprotected sex for much less than $1000. Sometimes the girls do not come back with me, though which leaves me strangely unfulfilled despite having an otherwise great night. I've also been acting as a Sugar Daddy at times (http://www.seekingarrangement.com) and any girl I ended up fucking, I was able to fuck bareback. The chances of a girl letting you fuck her was about 50%. I have fucked multiple Chinese girls, one Mexican girl, and one white girl through that site. The sex is wet and great, but I never felt the need to see any of the girls long term.
I have tested for STDs regularly and have come up clean so far.
Dream scenario is I make my current American income and live in Korea so I could get cheap bareback sex through redlight districts or weekend trips to satellite cities for coffee girls. Unfortunately, there are no opportunities for me to transfer to Korea yet. Until that becomes a feasible option, my goal is to find a new regular Korean escort in America to be my mistress. I have come to a point where variety is not that important as having one perfect 10 who will drink with me and let me fuck her and cream her pussy
Thought I’d do a follow-up of my continued adventures since.

Officetel Girls

Around 2014, I found a now defunct site that advertised officetel girls. Now to be quite frank, my conversational Korean is good but my reading and spelling was garbage. On top of that, I did not have a Korean phone number nor did I know how to use Korean maps.

Where there is a dick, there is a way. I quickly picked up that these ads listed which exit from Gangnam Station they were located. I also found some had Kakaotalk IDs. The part that worried me was all the rules I could make out. NO DRUNKS. NO AFTER (I took it to mean dating off the clock). Most worrisome, NO ASKING FOR BAREBACK SEX. You all know how much I hate condoms. Oh well, maybe these girls would be hot.

I contacted one through Kakaotalk and set up an appointment. Made my way somehow to the location which was hard to find... and met a really dorky and ugly dude in flip flops and glasses. I was expecting a big thug, but nope. He collected my money and told me the room number. I go in and it’s a very cute thicc girl. She’s very friendly and open to kissing, sucks my dick, and says my dick is too big. Says condom probably won’t fit so what should we do? I playfully suggest we can just do it without condom and she agrees. Wow, that was easy. Have a good fucking session and that’s that.

Went to another officetel and same system where I meet the pimp or handler first. This one, I was excited because the ad says she was a six foot model. Met her and... I guess she’s talk but not really my type. Surprisingly, same deal with the my dick too big, but if I promise to come back I can duck her raw. Of course I promised (but never went back).

Officetel girls was nice, cost was 140,000 won if I remember correctly. Got to bareback girls but did not creampie them.

Room Salon

Got to partake in a room salon. Lineup went: first girls who do not go for sex. Second girls who do go for sex. Madam then caught another group of girls and made them come into the room and told the girls who go for sex to raise their hand.

After the drinking, some dude walked us to a hotel a block away and told me what room to go to. Girl was waiting there. When it came type to fuck, she put on a condom. I offered her 100,000 won to do it without and she accepted. Came inside her.

Cost was 500,000 won for room salon and sex plus 100,000 for no condom. We exchanged contact information and she tried to meet me off the clock a few times but my schedule never aligned.

Pretty girl and definitely younger than what you would find in other avenues. Recommend if you have the money.

Post Korea...

Now. I’ve left Korea and have not partaken since 2014. While I still visit escorts and massage parlors in America from time to time, sometimes barebacking them (my success rate has fallen, must be because I’m an ajusshi now since my last post), they are typically older and uglier compared to the girls in Korea. But again, where there’s a dick, there’s a way.

Room Salon Girl In America

This method I don’t recommend. But I don’t regret the experience.

Spent a thousand at a room salon. Met a very pretty girl who claimed to be 30 (later turned out to be 33). Go home with blue balls.

Met her again, spent another thousand, told her I would like to take care of her by giving her ten thousand a month. She’s listening, we decide to meet during the day.

Meet during day, buy her 8000 dollars worth of jewelry. Take her to hotel and fuck her with no condom and cum inside her. It wasn’t as great as it sounds as she was kind of dry and I had to lick her pussy a lot. I’m more used to naturally wet pussies.

Meet her again, give her 5000 and fuck her again without condom and come inside her. A little more exciting as she really arched her back when I licked her pussy, but again kinda dry. Tried to coax her into a second time but she didn’t want to. Realized not worth it at this point and she was pissed at me when I stopped responding to her. No regrets other than that she was a jaded gold digger but really hot.

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