Advice [Soy] "Stop being an incel!"


Sep 17, 2022
A Koncrete Jungle
This is the typical moronic mumble that soys spew all the time. Let's face it, how could I stop being an incel with such gear that could easily mogged by chad.

Every moment if you get heightmogged (even once) your value goes to zero (in my case that is sub zero hence my username), because foids will share a chad if necessary, so they would not want because that implies they could settle for something less but rather DEMAND as they won't settle anything lower than that. Hence you will see many chinktok videos and various social media like kikestergram where foids shill their 6'7 boyfriends.

It doesn't matter if you are 5'9, 6' or 6'3, it makes no difference! If you get heightmogged by a chad even once, you in their eyes, are DEAD.

So soys, if you want someone to stop being an incel, start figuring out to make a gofundme campaign to sponsor incels that need LL to even compete.

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