Right now is the best time in human history to geomaxx to Philippines


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Sep 1, 2022
Right now is the best time in human history to geomaxx to Philippines

You've got a country where the men are the lowest smv in the world

the girls are cute as fuck and coomfuel

Their entire country suffers from colonialism mentality, they have lack of identity, theyre poor

Their entire country speaks english, and all the fucking signs are in english

you basically have a country that is set up to be a sex haven for western men

even to the point literally EVERYONE speaks your fucking language

what other country can u go to where EVERYONE speaks your language?!?!!?!?! even European countries right next door to UK dont speak as much english as this low SMV poor country on the other side of the world does!
Yeah, I mentioned this to someone who I was considering going on a sex trip with and he sort of rejected it without even considering it. Fixated on Colombia I think. He's ethnic though so I think he might have a white fetish. Doubly weird because the guy is Muslim and looks Asian and could probably blend in with the locals in southern Philippines if he wanted to.
imagine if governments of western countries gave us incels a ticket to sea for free, what a blessing it would be
yeah but they eat literal garbage from trashcan, half of girls have dicks and your girl would leave you for german 90 years old retired bum with euros

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