Moneymaxxing idea:

Hard Boiled

Jul 31, 2022
Create a discord community.

A. Find a community or topic that people are willing to pay for in order to access.

  • Trading signals
  • Private E-thot community
  • Redpill dating game (Red Pillers are retarded as fuck and buy anything 4 muh sigma life purpose.)
  • Create a paid VIP section in a free discord that you already own.
  • A self-Improvement community
B. Promote your discord community.

Ideas to promote your discord community:
  • In other people's discord
  • Private messaging people
  • Online forums
  • YouTube comments
  • YouTube videos
  • Disboard
  • Paid Shoutouts
  • Reddit
Use to monetise your discord community.

I won't explain how to set up it's dead easy. Use search and create an account.

Make money from monthly subscriptions.

Depending on how many people join your discord server will determine how you get paid. A reasonable price would be around $20 per month meaning that:

20 members = $200 a/mo
200 members = $4000 a/mo


If you want to increase how much you can charge people add special features to your discord server and improve branding of your service.

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