1. Copium

    How to MoneyMaxx

    Does anyone know a consistent way to make money. I dont want to work a dead end job but I dont know of any ways to make money constantly. If anyone knows of a low skill way of making good money. I cant geomax if I dont have money If you know anyways please share :)
  2. Hard Boiled

    Education is an asset

    [Education = Skills = E-learning = skillmaxxing. I am referring to the same thing here.] Stocks increase in price when demand increases. Skills increase in price when demand increases. Skills become more valuable over time since fertility rates are decreasing. If fertility rates decrease the...
  3. Hard Boiled

    Moneymaxxing idea:

    Create a discord community. A. Find a community or topic that people are willing to pay for in order to access. Examples: Trading signals Private E-thot community Redpill dating game (Red Pillers are retarded as fuck and buy anything 4 muh sigma life purpose.) Create a paid VIP section in a...