Story life is over for this guy everyone must view


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Dec 31, 2022
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there is no coming back when you have gone off the edge like this man. hes in his 40s and a khhv. this guy is autistic and now is having thoughts of going er. i dont know how he lived this long.
holy shit its really over for him. this is his sad life story in a song he made. listen to this whole thing. its really over for him
extremely over. a must listen. this guy had a 0.000001/10 life. there is no fate worse than his.
this is the fate for wannabechad if he doesnt seamax
he made new videos. he probably saw he got a few more views out of no where and thought since people liked his content he should make more. someone with a jewtube account should bring him here. i dont have one so i cant message him. he deserves better in life.