Advice Johor Bahru, Malaysia

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Looks quite modern and not like a third world shithole city


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I'm not sure why but Malaysia has just never been on my mind when thinking about travelling. I'm completely neutral about the place and just dont know much about it.
Kuala Lumpur has a lot of arab geomaxxers and trannies. I thought maybe 2nd tier cities in Malaysia have potential for running JBW game. And Johor Bahru is super close to Singapore... @Mark_Rippetoe @fatchadlitecel it is also cheaper than SG but still close. Singapore is a melting pot ( different azn foids from all over asia) like NY and SG/JB area has like 6 million of inhabitants so maybe theres potential. This area is not poor like Flipland


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the damn sinkies ruined it all by betabuxxing, it's right across the bridge from singapore so guys buy homes and shit across the bridge and commute to avoid living in a tiny shoebox apartment.

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