Advice Is there any other option than the Philippines for me?


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She kinda cute bro :love::love:
U guys can easily chat up and get some pics from these jbs from facebook (im 16 btw) just go on facebook and search up some provincial or villages areas' high schools/colleges (they start college at like 16-17 i think there).

Yeah and im ugly enough to be incel in Canada because I'm 5'6 and facially below average, but in the philippines im surprised that im percieved as htn/chadlite in the VILLAGES because the average local is just that ugly.
Sometimes they are stupid and i sperg out on them
This is basically my only cope now. I dont even bother trying to make friends in my high school because im leavimg straigjt for the philippimes once i become a remote software engineer at like 22-23.