Is it difficult to get prime Asian women in North East Asia?


Oct 26, 2022
Why do incels go to SEA > NEA. I think American status and exoticism halo still has an effect in north east asia, the halo might not be as effective in NEA as it is in SEA, but nevertheless I think low tier normie American men can get HTN Japanese, Korean, and Taiwanese women.
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SEA is easier because it's poor, the people are shorter, and some like Philippines have a white-skin worshipping culture
NEA is better to live in and more things to do imo

I’m moving to either Japan or back to Korea next year probs
cos its not about status halo

its about genes

light skin + height

nea is already lightish and tall

SEA is dark and short. so lust for u more
Beware of Northern chinks as well as Koreans, they are not as short as you think of. Don't be too surprised if you see one that is 6'5.
Exactly Chinese average is 5'10 for zoomers and that's only because southern provinces like Guandong are dragging them down

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