Advice How NOT to Geomaxx as a Black Man

Tai Bwo Wannai

Exposing all shills and tranny luvvers
Sep 3, 2022
Edgeville Bank, Gielinor

This ni66a ate a whole ass meal with this chick. I know bro's insulin was spiking like a mf'er after all that rice. And she just basically got up and left. One of these hippie faggoty Chinese backpacker cunts from America. My suspicion is she's probably sucking on Chad cock on the side and this dude didn't make the cut.

Nothing interesting was really said either. No plans to meet up again.

"Das lit, Das wild bruh, das crazy, ong."
"I was into van life and that was so dope man."
"It's really cheap out here man"
"How long you staying?"

Do these guys not like to fuck or something? The whole point for coming to Asia is to FUCK and COOM. That's why guys deal with the shitty visas and xenophobia/ racism. Sit in your apartment and tell them to come over.

If you MUST meet them outside, drinks only then back to your place. None of this howdy doo dah rah rah minstrel demonstration meeting with demonic mind spirit bitches from America who have nothing to offer you.

Needed to rant for a bit.

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