Vent All a man wanted was.. a house.. a gf.. and a family... A Story About How The Jews Ruined Every Aspect Of Your Life And How To Fix It


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Sep 1, 2022
All a man wanted was..

a house..
(my grandfather worked for 2 years to buy an average house. I'd have to work for 40 years to buy an average house)


Ruined that by opening borders and letting masses come here so now there's even higher demand and the same supply for houses = house prices skyrocket,

thanks jews

a gf..



Men swipe on 53% of women. Women swipe on only the top 1% of men.
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If you weren't born with 6ft genetics at birth, your life was already written to get rejected by 70% of women based on ur height alone, without factoring in ur face and race. Heavens forbid you are born 5'10.(an average man) You didn't stand a chance.

(guess who all the main dating apps are owned by?)

thanks jews

and a family...
feminism, lgbtq, abortion, birth control obliterates your chances of having a family...

thanks jews

So in the west as an average man.

You can not buy a house

You can not get a gf

You can not have a family

The only solution is to move to equatorial countries, countries in SEA or south america.

There, you can buy a house for 30k usd (achievable)

You can get a gf cos its much less economically and genetically wealthy and betabuxxing still works cos no feminism bullshit

You can have a family cos less birth control, feminism, abortion etc
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why would they want less people here?

Because they believe that exponential population growth is unsustainable. Many humans are wasteful, useless eaters according to them and don't produce anything. That's why the world economic forum and all these other UN agendas and initiatives are trying to curb the population right now with all sorts of fatal vaccines, food rationing and starvation, economic warfare, etc.

Go read Thomas Malthus. That's one of their original foot soldiers who proposed the idea.

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