Advice How much do you think dick size matters for geomaxxing?


Gymcel coper
Aug 16, 2022
Video has singapore foids talking about wanting bigger dicks and they are very brazen about it, more than when they do these videos in the west. Is part of the increased SMV is they are assuming white/black/mulatto = bigger dick on top of them wanting the height, pheno, money, status, etc.? They even say so in the video (angmoh = white).

yeah thats another overlooked factor in geomaxxing. mog all the locals dicks to death. that ALONE is powerful...
was never an issue for me while i was there and im not 8 inches or anything crazy.
if you at least 5'10 you will be mogging majority of people easily so maybe that adds to the sterotype white people have big dicks lol
Im more concerded im to big for asian woman ngl.

Also this isn't really a problem, because in asian countries the average is ridiculously low.

So just be white average theory.

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