JFL German Car Leasing Ad promoting SEAmaxxing (Translated)


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Aug 18, 2022
This Volkswagen ad is promoting SEAmaxxing JFL

Krögers dream of a nice life: Car leased. Woman bought.

Mr. Kröger is now sitting on the sunny side of live. The young wife creates a exotic ambience and spreads a holiday atmosphere even on normal work days.

"More quality of life", explains Mr. Kröger, "that is the dream of us all. Well, i've fulfilled this dream. Because this time I leased my new car. At V.A.G Leasing, Germanys biggest car leasing company. [...]

Well, and with the money I saved doing this, I was able to afford Ling-Po. Since then, the end of the day has been twice as fun."
For sure, because when you are clever, the pleasent side of life doesn't just happen during vacation.

Buying woman from SEA is a common practice for middle aged man in Germany, I have seen it so many times. Thats why this ad was funny in Germany at the time.

This newer ad is also cagefuel:lul:, but it got cancelled by asian foids:ROFLMAO: Despite being the truth jfl

The response of asian males to this ad :ROFLMAO: :

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