Even my grandpa was a Geomaxxer


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Mar 6, 2023
Storytime because I'm drunk, even though I know alcohol is probably going to kill me.

This is a story my grandpa told me just a few months before he passed away. But first, some context:

I spent a lot of my childhood being raised by my grandparents. They lived right down the street from me so when I was in elementary school they would pick me and my sister up from school and look after us. Both of them were very conservative people born in the 1930s. Only difference was that my grandpa was born in Kentucky while my grandma was born in Bavaria.

Anyway, long story short, when my grandpa finished high school, he joined the Army and fought in Korea. Korea sucked but afterwards he got the opportunity to go to war-torn Bavaria and patrol the border with the GDR, keeping the Mongoloid Soviets East where they belonged. Well, while he was there, he met my grandmother. My grandmother was born in "München" but as a child she was sent to the country to live with her pedophile uncle and aunt due to "the war." Naturally, she grew up fast and was working in a factory by the time she was 14 and had very little schooling after that.

Anyway, when she was a supple mädchen of just 19 years she found my grandfather, a strapping 26 year-old American war veteran in a gasthaus. She spoke no English. He spoke no German. But, the rest was history. They married, they returned to the States, settled in California, popped out my mother, and that was that.

Anyway, without further ado, let's actually get to the story. Just a few months prior to my grandpa's death, he told me the story of how he actually got my grandma back to the States. He was in the American consulate in Munich. With him he had the marriage documents and went up to the counter. Behind the counter was what he described as "some mean-looking woman" who would refuse to look at his paperwork. It was at this moment that one of the Marines who worked the consulate pulled my grandfather aside and said "these old, lesbian bitches. They just don't like seeing us with these nice, German girls!" before leading my grandfather to the office of the consul general (a pudgy-looking diplomat) who promptly approved the paperwork.

Oh, did I mention that my grandmother's sister had also married an American serviceman? Funny how that works out.

tl;dr Even people "back in the day" geomaxxed. It's okay. Everyone does it.
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Im imagining the language barrier and laughing, ngl I couldnt be able to date a girl who didnt speak the same language
reminds me of this guy in this german documentary about seamaxxing, the sea girl doesn't even speak english jfl

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