data breaches and dark web activity in SEA


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Sep 1, 2022
Philippines is one of the worst countries for data breaches, basically their entire populations data has been breached and i used some contacts to find that data. so if someone tells me a name, i can immediate get all their passwords, addresses, emails

Useful for my SEA mafia

niggas thought i was playing when i said i could get access to police there 😂

i can essentially get you out of jail and clear your records. and more..
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And basically the entire of all other countries in SEA are leaked. Their government are boomers and the countries are less wealthy and advanced so they are more prone to these types of things than western countries
95% of the poor jungle gooks of that country have never been on a computer. its easy to take or alter someones identity. they dont have any agencies worth shit out there. you can just bribe your way out of anything for 50 dollars.

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