Recommendation BEST Countries for running a business (Less Taxes)


Aug 2, 2022
2 countries come to my mind - România and Bulgaria

Romania and Bulgaria have beautiful women as well. I am not sure if they understand english over there though.

Are there any other options? I don't think it is fair to pay more than 10% of your income to the government. In my current country i pay 30 to 40%.
Depends on the nature of your business I think. If you are just holding stocks there's countries like Singapore where you don't have to pay taxes on any gains you get from them. So you basically live tax free. The corporations themselves still need to pay corporate tax in the country where they operate and withholding taxes on dividends. But you don't hand over any money.

Romania seems good from what I'm looking at - it seems like everything is just 10% across the board. Even with the withholding taxes for stock you own of foreign companies.

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