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Thomas DOM

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Jan 31, 2023
To be honest, I don't care how people are living - however let me say, there is no shortage of rich Muslim countries and such governments should help their own brothers and sisters at least with clean drinking water, sanitation, medical help and some other basic needs.
Violence potentially is only against non-muslims.
This is really a very serious problem.''
The problem is definately the white nations/white people,exploiting,invading,attacking,sanctioning and destroying the muslim nations,implementing puppets there etc

We can both cherrypick all day long,and mind you having been to alexandria,I can say it is cleaner than New york.

Japan is a exploitative nation,and can benefit from it's exploitation of muslims and global south christians to afford such infrastructure and amenities,yet still some muslim lands rival them without such a position of wealth.

many atheist countries,like Commiefornia have filth,as do catholic countries.but that doesn't support your orientalist picture of islam or muslims.

if you want to help muslim poor (and christian poor aswell)do the following:

1.petition your regime to stop being capitalist islamic unity and mutual trade,and ending exploitative trade and unequal exchange that siphons all the wealth to global north lands and economies. an end to white imperialism an end to the global white military power which safeguards 1. and 2.a circular effect,being that white military threats keep capitalism safe,and capitalism gains enough surplus to create a military of such power and strength. the deconstruction of global white supremacy in economic,social,cultural and 'moral'forms.


that is literally the solution.but then your people will not be 'supreme'and you'll lose all of your privelage....but you're a moral person,right ?