Vent Why you still need to improve yourself


Ok we get it, you've found the cheat code right. Western women are a lost cause, celebrities and "better" men than us are whipped to these whores and/or fatties while we can literally piece out to SEA/SA and get cool,calm,collected submissive women and slay.


Likely you at least mog the native males through finances minimum, however if you really want the top tiers im talking the 9-10s more is needed. Don't get complacent, you still need to be in shape minimum, have good skin, learn the language, social proof ect. The world is your oyster keep improving, travelling and avoid oneitis.

This maybe is a water thread but don't let the lowered difficulty of geomaxxing stop you from improving and thinking your current self is enough and your best. There's always new heights to rise.



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Why you still need to improve yourself​

because SEA and SA is still full of 6ft white guys. just less of them compared to the west where everyone is a 6ft white guy