Advice Whoremaxxing in Thailand


Gymcel coper
Aug 16, 2022
Aside from geomaxxing to get women/sex, if you're going down there I'm going to assume most people are going to want to try out other degenerate low-effort stuff like soapies, blowjob bars, happy ending massages, ladyboys, escorts, etc.

Is it all pretty much covered in articles like this or is that only surface level? Any recommendations?

Has anyone seen what the super high end soapie girls look like? Reading about it, I feel like that level of being pampered by an Asian Stacy is simply unobtainable unless you pay for it and the model level prices are the same as 1hr with an HTB escort in my city JFL.
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Ask chinacurry he’s lived in places like bangkok Singapore Hong Kong tokyo for the past 10 years so knows them all. He took me to one but it wasn’t that good cuz business is still down from covid I guess

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