Advice Where can narrow face men succeed?

Sep 14, 2022
This forum does a great job at isolating looks preferences in different countries so wanted to ask this here.

I am white, 6’ but with low FWHR (narrow face) - and this kills me in the west. My FWHR is 1.6, normal is 1-7-1.9, Chad is 2.0+. I have pushed things as far as you can imagine here, day & night game to reach this conclusion. I’ve even done a little modeling work but women just see the narrow skull & jaw as weak & genetically worthless, doesn’t matter how life-maxxed popular, successful, tall, etc you are.

My question is to feel out what country a MALE with low FWHR might be seen as sexually desirable to women based on beauty standards there.

I know Korean women are surgically making their face more narrow but I notice in K-town they still choose broad face men. Korean girls are my favorite and I have gamed in K-town NYC to experiment with this and do not do well there at all.

My end goal is to receive genuine sexual attraction from normal girls and choose a high quality woman from them for a legitimate LTR - not just be seen as a walking atm machine with white skin.
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Why don't you just get filler or implants?

Unless your IPD is comically low your ESR should be fucked with such low FWHR

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