JFL What's with Asia's Covid Obsession?


Gymcel coper
Aug 16, 2022
They are still scrambling over covid rules and changing policies back and forth erratically.

Meanwhile this shit isn't even real anymore


This whole thing seems like some kind of excuse to keep out certain types of foreigners for good.

They are putting burdens on specific countries like China and India to buy travel insurance (which is good for me I guess, I hear the Indians in Thailand are annoying), on Africa to get specific vaccines and provide proof of funds (also good), and are basically only encouraging a certain type of foreigner to come in (wealthy, vaxxed).

This basically excludes everyone but Northeast Asians (Ex China), and Westerners and rich Arabs. And I'm sure many of the British/Australian boomers who used to go whoremaxxing are also anti-vax and will be excluded here as well.
Rich Westerners and Arabs are more likely to be the geomaxxing type though
It seems that theyre indirectly rejecting workers and immigrants with these policies instead

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