Advice What should foreign guys know before dating in South Korea?


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Sep 1, 2022
What should foreign guys know before dating in South Korea?
about Korean around my age (22).

This is NOT for All Korean. There’s always an exception.
  1. Small physical contacts like “Holding hands” is okay only if you are in a relationship.
  2. Quite many people care their anniversary a lot. It’s like 50days, 100days, 200days, 300days, 1year things
  3. If it’s “One night dating”, then Korean girls are much cooler than you. Even they would think you are too annoying.
  4. Koreans “Getting to Know” period is really short. Actually many Koreans wonder “Why do Westerner/Japanese have such a long getting to know period?” If it’s third date, then she might be waiting for your choice. “Getting to know” is said as “Some썸" in Korean.
  5. Deep dating doesn't usually happen in pubs and clubs. People meet their partner in social clubs, company, school or through friends.
  6. Interracial couples (apart from other East Asian) always get stared at a lot by strangers and some mean people think they’re dating only for sex, So She might be act more conservative than she actually is. It’s the hardest thing for foreigners.
  7. Still many Koreans tend to text and call to their bf/gf all the time. And they would keep asking where you are, what you are doing and things like that.
  8. Korean girls and guys seriously care about trends. So your hairstyle and fashion should be Korean-trendy if you don’t want to get dumped because of your style.
  9. Dutch Paying is actually not a big deal in my age group. We prefer to do ‘This round’s on me. Next round’s on you’
  10. Many Koreans love ‘Couple Items’. It can be T-shirts, Ring (Not engagement) and etc..

no.8 is what ive been trying to say in a different thread

if ur going to asia, you must dress and have the same cool hairstyle as whats popular there

u might think medium on top with side parting and skinfade looks better

but the girls do not. and thats what matters

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