Uzbekistan/Central Asia?

Ethan Cunt

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Apr 19, 2023
Has anyone tried geomaxing there or any other country in Central Asia? According to this guy, many Uzbeks want to move to the US
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tbh people there look much more attractive than SEA, especially the ones who are mixed
Bad idea tbh, i've thought about doing this but even in Russia Central Asians have a negative perception. They are like Pacific Islanders in that they are more violent and less inhibited than traditional asians, they're also muslim and most don't date out of their race (Kazakhstan is 30% Russian and they've been interacting for centuries and only a small subset is truly mixed).
as @Coffee7382 said jbw isnt as strong in turkey not to mention their economy is ass right now and their language sounds like dogshit. If you're into muslims / that pheno you should try out north africa instead, english and/or french are enough to get around and they're not muslim enough that they'll behead you for sleeping around.

syria and iran are also good but syria is a legit warzone right now and jfl at flying into iran to get pussy (its not as dangerous as made out to be but you will have to resort to cold approaches as the internet there is locked down, no vpns allowed).
fucked a kazakh girl before that was raised in moscow. acted like a regular white girl tbh.

i would go to kazakhstan over turkey tbh
tbh that's like comparing arab women in europe over arab women in arabic countries though =

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