The nosepill

thin nose but still a little bit big and straight or a bit hooked is probably what's very attractive in japan.
blue eyes are a not common even among whites themselves tho.
those are mutts go look at nordics and aryans
this isn't true, just because u don't have blue eyes doesn't mean ur not a mutt. original europeans had brown eyes and blue eyes is only a mutation because of the sun and less melanin, Just because u have blue eyes doesn't mean ur not a mutt either all it is a genetic trait you inherit even middle easterners have blue eyes yet they are not nordics or even european. White doesn't mean blue eyes or blonde hair white people are diverse, southern euros are not mutts stop with this cope. Hispanics are more mixed and yet still have white features
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Fuck Tails, he is responsible for the gynocentric blackpill and all of the new zoomers and their youtube shorts. If you watch chad worship shorts and whine all day on PSL forums rotting away please fucking rope
never heard of him

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