Advice Tax Hazards in the world (Countries with highest taxes)


Aug 12, 2022
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What is a tax hazard?

A tax hazard is a country with extremely high-income taxes.

The majority of individuals accept the taxation system imposed on them by their nation, even if they make money online and have their primary consumers in another region of the world. They are unaware that there are countries with low taxes.

Others claim that high tax rates are necessary if you desire a certain standard of living even if they are aware of the tax havens.

1. Ivory Coast at 60% INCOME TAX.

2. Finland at 56.95%

3. Japan at 55.97%

4. Denmark at 55.9

5. Austria at 55%

6. Sweden at 52.9%

7. Belgium at 53.7%

8. Aruba is at 52% in 2023 but right now at 59%

9. Israel at 50%

10. Slovenia at 50%

11. The Netherlands at 49%

12. Portugal at 48%

13. Ireland at 48%

13. Spain at 47%

15. France at 45%
Thought Israel would be #1. :ROFLMAO:

Guess they can afford to have 'low taxes' due to how much they profit off stealing from us anyway.

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