[Suifuel] What did I gain....


Sep 17, 2022
A Koncrete Jungle
I'm still single, no gf, haven't lost my virginity.... still getting mogged by younger zoomers that are 6'5. Barely average height in my area..... still having some acne which some would find distasting.... still an non NT mentally unstable autist.... people hating me more and more irl and here too

And people would call me fakecel which I am clearly NOT. I am still a virgin (NON ESCORTCEL) yet there are completely delusional people who thinks I am one.

Inb4 you need to approach and get gf

No you idiot they WILL cuck you and sell you out to the point everyone wants to kill you on the spot like you are some sexual predator while you literally just standing there and do nothing. Women are a HIVEMIND, once one forms an opinion on you shit WILL spread like wildfire. There's no escape.... Then why are so many stories about normies getting ostracized hard because of some foid decidedly accuse him out of nothing (Johnny Depp got lucky because he got the tape and he is mega rich and statusmaxxed, if he wasn't a 5'9 manlet he wouldn't be in such trouble in the first place)


To whoever pajeet who calls me a fakecel, I hope you suffer.

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