Racial hierarchy pyramid according to Hong Kong


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Ohhh so it's skin colour based, but chinese is darker than caucasian but chinese is on top okay then 😂

anyways interesting

I thought indonesians malays filipinos were darker than vietnamese

maybe for darker girls id be better off going for thai or cambodian

and interesting how they rank african higher than lighter skinned races, they have some respek on africa name, not indians or arabs tho :(

racial hierachy pryamid on hong kong government website? lol


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Africans are only ranked so high because off bbc halo.

A Punjabi or White Passing MENA would definitely get more respect in China than some black guy
Thats retarded

Africans are rated high because those straight from Subsahara tend to be passive as fuck whilst Pakistanis and Arabs are known to blow themselves up every once in a while