Post conspiracy theories you believe in


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There's a conspiracy against widespread adoption or research of fasting.

Cancer, chronic obesity, diabetes, heart problems, bacterial/viral infections, liver disease, some types of mental disorders, etc. can be eliminated or substantially reduced by eating nothing for 1-2 weeks. This fact was discovered by Upton Sinclair who was born in 1878 and lived to 90. For reference, life expectancy in 1880 was around 45 years old in the most developed countries.

This fact was rediscovered by the Soviet Union decades ago and they added it to their medical system but none of the scientific literature was ever translated or imported to English and no attempts have been made. There are a few clinics around still practicing it but they are now private and were re-categorized as naturopath clinics in post-soviet Russia and Germany (even though they were simply part of the medical system in soviet times).

The subject is dismissed out of hand by Western doctors and pharmaceutical industries who have an interest in keeping people sick and buying $1000 pills to relieve symptoms instead of telling people to not eat for a couple weeks. It's also often dismissed under the guise that it's immoral to conduct long-term fasting studies because "muh starvation". Despite the fact that there is even evidence in Western literature of fasting totally eradicating late stage tumors without any other medical intervention, it does not get any serious medical research/attention from cancer researchers. If you ever talk to a doctor about any of this they will deny it and say you don't know what you're talking about, where's the evidence, etc. Then if you give them the evidence they default back to "I am required to treat my patients to the standard of care". Which is true, doctors have to obey guidelines set out by their professional organizations which follow a symptom/pain relief model of care. Their job is not actually to fix health problems, it's to relieve symptoms. That's also why they allowed tens of millions of people get addicted to opiates.

I used to think people who didn't trust doctors were retarded but the more I read about the medical system, doctors incentives, etc. the more I'm convinced it's engaged in some seriously immoral behavior/practices that are easily covered up by the general public's ignorance of the medical industry, medical education and medical practices. I do not trust doctors anymore and research anything they tell me independently and you should too.


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If you believe in a conspiracy theory, can you even called it an conspiracy? Anyway, lately I started to believe in the new world order and the antichrist


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Veganism is a new world order psychological operation for the dumb masses.
The holocaust never happened.
The moon landings were faked.
Jews control the world.
Most school shootings are fake.
Going to the gym is healthy for you. (It's not)
Morals are psy-op.
jews are ultimately controlled by zionism and its just one branch of the illuminati.