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Sep 14, 2022
I am selling amulets, and spell services at my etsy shop.

All of my items are made to the customers specifications.


Cleansed, charged, and concicrated stones. $11.11

Basic talisman $22.22

Mojo bag $55.55

I offer talismans for money attraction, lust attraction, protection, opening your third eye, etc.

Spell services

Sigil spell $22.22

Extreme Voodoo binding love spell $222.22

I can cast a sigil spell for any application.

I can perform more powerful rituals for you. I can perform money spells, love spells, curses, bindings, obsession spells. I currently only have the binding love spell listed, but I can perform cast different spells for the same price

Created entities

Servitor creation service $22.22

Egregore creation service $77.77

I will make you a thought form for any application .

Your patronage would be greatly appreciated.

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