please can someone bully @manletmachine for me

brother of willy

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Mar 4, 2023
please can someone bully @manletmachine for me

he did unforgivable things to me

i am not that good at verbal assault because of my kind hearted nature but maybe you guys could bully him ?

what i know about him is that he is short height and he admits to being ugly
Manletmachine did so horrible things to me that i am not even able to write it here

true_cel from .org knows what manletmachine did to me though , truecel is one of my good friends we keep in contact outside of forums
he was a passed out homeless guy and i saw another one walk up to him and start raping him at night. if it was a foid the guy would get life bur since its a guy theres no penalty.
So you saw a guy raped another man and just keep watching?

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