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i can larp as muslim due to my circumcucking and also have complete control over a foid muslims love being submissive and owned by their master. i am going to convert to islam.

We join Spencer, Pavel, Charlie, Shane, Chase and Don on their quest to convert to Islam as quickly as possible to have an eternal orgy with 72 virgins in heaven before their mega school shooting. Their plans all end up in jeopardy when the cock mafia, an anti-school-shooter cult filled with SJWs and big muscly sexy men with huge cocks gets in their way and start kidnapping autists all throughout Japan. Everything seems to be fucked, but Charlie shows us that the power of autism never gives in, and they successfully save the day. Charlie then sends her manifesto to Mumkey Jones, who opens in it in one of his Mumkey's Mailbag videos, becoming an important historical figure instead of getting cucked by a 15-year old.
JBW profile in a Muslim country like MENA, Indonesia or Pakistan. Light hair, light eyes.

In the profile say you are Muslim

See what kind of response you get. I bet it will be 10x the results you get from SEA/LatAm
the only good countries are turkey, albania and maybe tunisia cuz white women and white mixed arab women but i would only go to instanbul and the capitals

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