Need help (gtfih)


Nov 11, 2022
17 years old, gonna be 18 in 6months. Need a way of making money that doesn't require wagecuckery. I'm thinking of trying to spam people on my snapchat friends list if they need homework help but not sure how I would collect the money. Most in my town can probably drive so they can pay me cash maybe. My mom dropped the bomb on me today that after I'm done my school work (which is quite soon) I will be forced to pay for my own shit.

Please if you know of any way I can get money easy and fast (doesn't even have to be legal tbh) please let me know thanks.

@Aphex @fatchadlitecel @Kahn @geomaxer @Kevin_Logan - everyone idk
For real though, sorry to burst your bubble but reality is much harsher than you're used to I'm sorry you're being forced to become an adult over the course of 6 months
It's less than that. When I finish my hs work. Which is in a few months. April possibly.
I will just have to buy a pair of panties and sell it online pretending to be a foid and say they've been worn (no I will not wear them I will just lie)
your parents dont love you and are kicking you out the second theyre legally able to. if they could theyd throw you out their house and drop you off on the street right now. they even circumcised you because they dont care about you and care that little about your own beliefs and well being. id just start selling drugs but id be careful. the whole world is out to fuck you.