My travelling plan as a 18 year old incel

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Aug 19, 2022
Currently looking for a job right now so i can get money and buy a car, Going to do food delivery for a few months while living in my car because i don't have enough money to rent a place for a long enough time i'm comfortable with. My plan is to save up 5-10k and move to the philippines and get a cybersecurity job meanwhile i'm doing that, I will be gaining money from food delivery gigs and get the stuff i need for my career, If i can work in my car while remote that will be even better. Basically the plan is to find a job, buy a car, do food delivery in a big city, Save up 5-10k to live in the philippines and work a cybersecurity job that pays me anywhere from 50-75k.
Also if anyone is wondering why i'm living in my car instead of living with my parents, It's because i fucking hate them and i want them dead. When i have enough money i'll gtfo out of this shithole and lose my virginity in the next 2-3 years before the west collapses.
Yeah I don't blame you my parents failed miserably in life. I live with other relatives rn. But I'll probably hit the road when I'm 18.

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