Recommendation List for an Asian to have doable SMV ft. @predeterminism


Sep 17, 2022
A Koncrete Jungle
1. Pass as a 6 footer, in practice 6'5 is optimal. If you can't reach 6'3 range get LL ASAP and lifts too.
2. Low set browridge (distance between your brows and upper eyes MUST BE less than your pinky width)
3. ABSOLUTELY NO monolid bug eyes, hooded double eyelid
4. NO recessed lower third
5. NO wide upper nosebridge or NO wide nose in general (my lower nose is more akin to a negro than a white)
6. NO sloped shoulders (and especially no sloped shoulder + pencil neck combo), VERY susceptible among Asian tallfags (6' or plus)
7. 20 inch bideltoids MINIMUM, come on its barely the average for non gook males.
8. Dick must be more than 5 inches BP ERECT, absolute bare minimum even with the first 7 to work.
9. Straight teeth complimented with a non recessed lower third
10. No recessed maxilla either

Any questions @predeterminism @fatchadlitecel

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