JFL "Lern spanish, its a easy language"

I wouldnt learn it if it was 2nd grade level of easy. I want to slap spics till I flay their faces off ugly cunts
No language is hard, spanish is just easy for english speaker
Learning Spanish right now and it's pretty logical (except for gendered nouns which are mostly arbitrary). Everything else about it is easy - uniform sentence structure, omissions of the pronouns & articles are acceptable, vocab is generally easy, words are pronounced how they're spelled, etc.

Native English has problems where you can't be sure something is pronounced the same way it's spelled, multiple words with different meanings can use the same spelling, there are loan words that use letters from foreign alphabets, it's a mix of at least 3 language families (celtic, germanic, latin), etc.

The language is a mess - only intelligent native speakers ever truly get fluent with it. Public schools don't teach cursive anymore which is the formal written form of the language. They also teach people to shorten sentences when English is designed to be able to accommodate long sentences with multiple connected thoughts.
Spanish as an English speaker is "easier" to learn than other languages but definitely harder to master. The pronouns and sentence structure is hard but you can hold your own with 6 months of learning it.

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